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Welcome to The Mi Pao Kennels

Canadian Breeders of Chow Chows since 1957
Located in the rolling hills of Southern Ontario
45 miles north of Niagara Falls

The MI-PAO Family
      MInnie                                     PAul Odenkirchen


Daughter Kim

 Life Members

 Past President

Paul Odenkirchen and his wife Minnie founded their Mi-Pao Kennels
in 1957. It still consists of some 40 Chows and is the oldest active
Chow kennel in Canada

    They never kept track of  the number of champions they
owner-handled (over 100) or their  group or BPIS wins.

Paul has handled 12 of their dogs to one or  more Best in Show wins,
and is a licensed All-Breed judge, judging since 1979 in Canada,
USA, England, Germany, Norway, Italy, Russia, Australia, Argentina,Hong Kong,Venezuala
Chili, Colombia and Brazil

If you would like to visit our Kennels, please feel free to call
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The Mi Pao's 
Mi Pao  Chows
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1950's to 2000's

Mi Pao's
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 The making of
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One of the Best Chow Chow Vets......Burloak Animal Clinic
              If you have any sort of medical emergency, contact your local veterinarian or
              emergency clinic.    If you have questions of a general nature, then e-mail us at
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  The illustrated.... Standard of the Chow Chow
                 AKC CHOW BREED STANDARD The breed standard, tells you
                 how I should be built  - what traits are desirable or not.
The Chow Chow Club  Inc..
           The Chow Chow Club, Inc., sometimes  referred to as "The Parent Club", is the
              national organization for the Chow Chow  breed. Officers and directors are elected
              annually by mail ballot and they conduct the  routine business of the Club. Each
              Spring, there is an annual meeting of the membership and a national specialty show
              with over 250 Chows in competition. The national specialty is held in a different
              region of the United States each year. There is no better opportunity to enrich
             your knowledge of the Chow Chow than by attending a national specialty show.

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The Chows of Mi Pao

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